Begin Again.

I’m ready for the start of a new year, but I can’t help to recap everything that happened in 2012. It was a pretty wild and exciting year, with lots of change. And I have a feeling 2013 is just going to be an extension/continuation of more magic to come!

First of all, I fulfilled a dream of mine of living in NYC, though it was a bit short lived, bc my apartment caught on fire.. Living in New York was quite the experience for me– I had so much fun (probably too much fun), learned a lot about myself, met so many interesting people and some who I will know for the rest of my life, made way too many mistakes, and became a stronger more empowered woman.
I attended my first New York Fashion Week (where I was actually sent invites to shows).
And then…… my apartment caught on fire(which was horrible, but it’s made for some great story telling), so I made the decision to move back to Los Angeles. In LA I worked on one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever worked on: NBC’S Ready For Lovebe sure to tune in March 31st. The people I worked with were amazing and I met and created so many great new relationships. I also had the opportunity to be apart of this fashion stars empire, Stylist Daniel Musto.

Moving back to Los Angeles has allowed me and forced me to start venturing off on my own projects as well.

Putting career stuff aside (because life is more than just work work work), I had many adventures. One being, my first trip to London & Paris.
{Another being flying an airplane}
And finally, I have a place of my own, in my ideal location, and I loooovvvveee it!
Ohhhh, and I got a dog: Clark.
So normally, I’d have a list full of New Years Resolutions and Goals, but my motto for 2013 is “Have faith that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this very moment”.
Happy 2013! Xx

2 responses to “Begin Again.

  1. You are totally Awesome, Love your site, we have to find a way to connect this year, Phil … From Detroit, Tell your Mom Hello :)

  2. What an amazing year (you left NYC?!). But LA sounds like it’s got amazing things in store for you too. Can’t believe you flew a plane. And the creative work sounds terrific. Good luck!

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